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Off-Page Optimization

The term Off Page Optimization is applied to web site optimization techniques and implementations helping a web page search engine ranking. These techniques are not implemented directly on the page or .html file. On the ground of over-abuse of On Page Optimization, the techniques of Off Page Optimization are practised widely and have gained much more relevance and value with time.

Link Building

Link building is a process of gaining votes from other websites to your website. The websites should have similar theme with an anchor text, as of your website. The technique brings quality traffic to your website and is seen as a highly relevant factor when search engines, like Google, rank websites for a specific keyword and allot PR (Page Rank) to a website.

Directory Submission Services

Submission of your website in all pertinent categories of major directories & industry-specific portals is a very integral aspect of Off-Page Optimization since it augments the link popularity of the website. Good Directory Submission Services ensures submission of your website on major directories to give your website the search engine ranking boost.

Article Creation and Submission

Article writing and submission services, is an important internet marketing technique. It has earned credence on the basis of intelligent marketing of quality articles through the right avenues, which can easily establish theme authority and act as an off-page optimization tool to influence SEO by escalating link popularity and of course, search engine rankings.

Forum and Blog Posting

Forums pertaining to your industry can serve as a procreation grounds for like minded people or targeted audience. It can help you create a buzz as well as brand awareness. Smart postings on such forums with signature links can help largely in acquiring good quality links to increase your websites off-page optimization value.

Press Release

Optimizing your press release for those major news search engines is as important as creating a good one. The practice intelligently and efficiently promotes your business. Given below are dome of the benefits of optimization acquired from systematic press releases submission are:
  • Improved ranking in news search engines
  • Increase your website visitors from news search engines
  • Augment your visitors database through your website newsletter or contact form
  • Directly reach your target audience
  • Amplify your business visibility

Social Media Marketing

With social media marketing techniques, you get a way to promote your site or business through social media channels. It is a highly influential and powerful strategy that ensures you links and attention from internet users. Social media marketing is a term that explains the use of social networks, social bookmarking sites, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketing, sales, and customer service.
Press Release Creation and Submission Services

Press release is one of the best online marketing mediums and a definitive method to build web credibility. My press release creation and PR distribution service India, would make sure that your product/ service gets the right exposure to the target audience. My press release services target not only Indian audience but have a global coverage.
Press Release Service would ensure:

  • Enhanced product/ service visibility
  • Brand value augmentation
  • Increased web traffic
  • Greater lead generation opportunities

Swagmit Seoweb will manage your online PR & marketing endeavors by proper exposure to major news feeds including Yahoo News, e-MediaWire News Service etc. By harnessing the power of RSS/XML feeds; the expressly crafted press releases will give you maximum exposure including on the major search engines.

All inclusive Press Release Service India:

  • Optimized press release in terms of keywords
  • Ensuring that the press release is search engine friendly
  • Inclusion of Press Release service on all the major search engines
  • Guaranteed exposure to all the industry leaders Via Press Release
  • Option to include HTML, graphics, audio or video files
  • Geo targeting enabled press distribution
SEO Article Writing /Article Submission Services

Article writing & submission services is an effective internet marketing tool & has gain credence, simply because quality articles marketed through the right avenues can guarantee enhanced link popularity & search engine rankings.

Article Marketing Services is designed to :

  • Increased one-way link popularity
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Improved SERPs rankings
  • Targeted traffic to your website

SEO Article writing and development Services

The most important aspect of SEO article marketing is writing of unique informative articles. Talented copy writing by Swagmit Seoweb is adept in churning out quality yet plagiarism free articles. The advantage your website gets
  • It gets established as an resource center for information about your domain
  • Improved search engine rankings

SEO Article Submission and Distribution Services:

Submitting articles to various industry specific websites, forums and discussion boards, would make sure that your expertise in your domain gets marketed. The advantage:

  • Increased number of quality one way links to your website
  • Increased number of quality one way links to your website
  • Page rank improves substantially
Directory Submission Services India

One of the most influential & efficient way of improving your website visibility on the web is Directory submission. As its name suggests, Directory Submission is very similar to the practice of getting your website registered in yellow pages. The directory has a compilation of links broken down into different categories. Under these, a user can spot relevant information. The directory is more or less a collection of bookmarks that are open for the use of public. As per the SEO industry experts, the technique helps largely in increasing visibility and rankings.

Normally, these directories are very specific about the website links posted or submitted. They house only relevant, quality websites that are genuine & are placed in the category relevant to their business.Importance of submitting websites to Different Directories

  • Get your website indexed
  • One way links helps in improving search engine ranking
  • Free submission increases web visibility
  • Get to target specific keywords/ Phrases

Common Directory submission guidelines for Webmasters

  • While making submissions to the Open Directory, ensure not to submit mirror sites.
  • Stay away from the techniques of double submission and also, avoid presenting a site with an address that redirects to another address.
  • Totally avoid submitting websites that are under construction.
  • Strictly follow the policy while making submissions of adult and illegal content.
  • Main directories are very specific about their submissions. As for instance a UK-based site must be submitted to the desired regional category. Similarly, websites that are commercial must make submissions to the Business and Economy category.
  • The facility of world directory submissions is available for non-English websites

Manual Directory Submission Services

My manual directory submission in quality directories generate relevant traffic to your site and build the link popularity of your website to attain a higher rank in the search engines. I at Swagmit Seoweb proffer my clients top-notch directory submission services that take me a step ahead of other SEO companies by ensuring Guaranteed Results in Approved URLs for your website. I have the best solutions that help you to grab applause for your website and lead to successful acceptance of it..

Our Directory submission services includes:

Manual submission: We submit your website manually to high PR websites after thorough research work and check that they are not penalized by the search engines.

Different Link Anchor Text: Choices of different anchor texts help you to target more themes from one directory submission plan.

Different Packages: Our clients can select the best option from the various packages according to their convenience and business goals.

Quick Listing in relevant directories: Our directory submission process is quick and highly targeted; the categories where your website will be submitted are carefully chosen to match the website theme.

24/7 customer service: We are available round the clock to suit various shifts and entertain any customer queries.
Blog Management - Create | Manage | Promote

Since its inception in SEO market place, BrainPulse has been consistently offering a wide array of Blog Management Services to small businesses and large corporate to allow them get significant revenue generation and brand exposure.

Our high-end blog management services are meant to:

  • Maximize your blog performance
  • Increase the visitors response
  • Create effective communication with your potential audience
  • Enhance your site's reach among customers
  • Improve the search engine visibility
  • Promote your product and service
  • Taking users opinions and feedbacks to decide

future course of action

Blog Management Service Plans

So if you are decided to have a blog, leave the planning, creating, maintaining and promoting hassles on us. Our Blog Management spectrum is efficient enough to hold it. Our spectrum of blog management services includes:
Blog Creation

In this initial process, i define and finalize a professionally designed blog layout. Once done with layout, our professional bloggers keep their utmost focus on creating appropriate title and description that include the search engine targeted keywords within the blog. my blog creation process includes:

  • Creation of effective blog layout
  • Blog writing by in-house blogging experts
  • Blog content relevent to the subject matter
  • Search engine friendly blog content

They place main website links within the blogs to enhance in-bound links and page rankings altogether. Our effective blog creation services enable you to have a well-managed and high-traffic blog that engages your audience.

Blog integration

With our Blog Integration services, we take your information sharing approach at next levels. Our professional developers integrate your blogs with most popular blogging platforms including Wordpress and Blogger. Our blog integration services offer you templates and plug-ins of your choice to publish and promote your product and services.
Blog Marketing and Promotion:

We have a capable team of SEO copywriters who market and promote your blog using RSS feeds, blog distribution websites and various other blog promotion utilities. Our blog promotion activities include :

  • User’s comments, comments approval and guest post requests.
  • Promotion of internal pages via anchored keyword links

In order to promote the blogs more effectively, our SEO professionals submit the blog URLs to various blog directories and search engines to increase visibility and accessibility of the blog by the users. Our deliberate blog promotion efforts include:

  • Submission of the blogs in almost all RSS feed directories, blog search    engines and third-party blogs
  • Social bookmarking of all the blogs
  • Putting relevant text links in all blogs

With My Blog promotion services, we aim to:

  • Attain a wider audience for your services
  • Obtain one-way inbound links for your website
  • Create fresh relevant and keyword centric contents

Blog Maintenance

My constant blog maintenance services are organized to deliver your blog on top. This service segment include:

  • Regular updation of the blog with relevant and quality blog posts
  • Frequent social media campaigns
  • Daily archives of the previous blog posts
  • Blog graphics modifications
  • Theme customization
  • Custom graphics for the posts

To get the best and affordable Blog Management Services,

How to optimize your site for MSN

MSN optimization tips The effective seo campaign requires to optimize a website for all popular search engines. but generally Google is no 1 and yahoo is on no 2 in internet search but what no 3 it is definitly MSN search or bing search. So if you want to get traffic from MSN then please optimize your website for MSN also. Optimizing for MSN is necessary as many new Internet users will be searching via the MSN search engine option. MSN Search engine is also working as a default search engine in Internet Explorer. Like other Search Engines MSN Also first spiders the pages on the Web, indexes them in its database and after that applies the algorithm to generate the pages with the search results.

Keyword Density

One of the most important factors in on page optimization for MSN is the placement of keywords.
Placing your keywords in the beginning and ending paragraph is very important. You can do even better if you use keywords in link text while linking pages to each other. Do not put unnecessary words for the sake of increasing keyword density. Similarly don't use hidden text as it might cause the removal of your site from MSN index.Page Optimization Page optimization is not only important for MSN but it is equally important if you want to achieve higher rankings on other search engines for your targeted keyword or phrase. These are many other contributing factors which are of great importance but for beginners it would be a good idea to add a robots.txt file to control the indexing of your site by the MSNBot. These also stand correct and good for other crawlers It is very amazing thing that many seo experts totally ignore MSN Optimization during their campaign. but i do not ignore while i do optimize a website for my client because i know and i value my client's need as search engine point of view. as a very popular search engine product of Microsoft MSN works like..
  • Use only well-formed HTML code in your pages, perform HTML Validation over your code before submitting your website too MSN.
  • All links open the correct web page and there MUST be no broken link in your website. If your site contains broken links, MSNBot may not be able to index your site effectively, thus preventing people from reaching all of your pages.
  • If you move a page, set up the page's original URL to redirect people to the new developed page.Also you must indicate whether the move is permanent or temporary.
  • Make sure MSNBot is allowed to crawl your site and isn't on your list of web crawlers that are prohibited from indexing your site. If you will allow MSNBot to crawl then your website will be index else MSN doesn’t know any magic to automatically crawl your website.
  • Use a robots.txt file or meta tags to direct MSNBot and other web crawlers to index your site.
  • MSN still relies heavily on meta tags, so well optimized your meta tags and check your meta tag through any meta tag analyzer, the best one is
  • MSN gives high priority to your On Page Optimization over off Page Optimization.
  • Keep your URLs simple and static. URLs that are complicated or that change frequently are difficult to use as link destinations. For example, the URL is easier for MSNBot to crawl. Try to prevent yourself from dynamic urls when you are doing on Page Optimization. Also, a URL that doesn't change is easier for people to remember.
  • your website user friendly as well as search engine friendly.
  • Never use frame.
  • Keep habit of using JavaScript as less as you can.
  • The best way to attract people to your site, and keep them coming back, is to design your pages with valuable content that your target audience is interested in.
  • Text must be relavent to the targeted keywords.
  • Use targeted keywords in your text too in order to get better results.
  • Try to have your website navigation at left side of the webpage. Use your targeted keywords at beginning of your website’s content.
  • Dynamic content also increases PR of your website.
  • The size of web page also counts for MSN Optimization. Am HTML Page with no pictures should be under 150 KB. If you are working over Blog then you must have one post in every page.
  • Make sure that each page is accessible by at least one static text link.
  • Don't put the text that you want indexed inside images. For example, if you want your company name or address to be indexed, make sure it is not displayed inside a company logo.
  • Add a site map to help MSNBot to visit your websites.
  • You must work site hierarchy. each page should only be from one to three clicks away from the home page.
  • Don’t heavily used keywords in your content and also don’t use irrelevant keywords to increase a page’s keyword density. Place average keywords in your meta tags and content.
  • Don’t use hidden text or links else your website will be Banned.
  • Using techniques such as link farms can also ban your website over MSN.
Submitting your site doesn't guarantee that your site will be indexed, but it does help MSN to locate your site so that MSNBot can try to crawl it. MSNBot doesn't automatically crawl sub-pages on your website. If you want MSNBot to index other pages on your website, submit URLs for those pages. MSNBot may crawl sub-pages that are linked to from other websites.
Methods of link building to get ranking and traffic for your site

The following described met
hods are the best and effective way to bring rank and traffic to any website on search engine and that can help your site to get more and and more visiters.

Search Engi
ne Submission:

There are large
number of search engine sites in the world.submitting your website to a search engine site is a way to boost your business online presence.There are some popular search engine sites like MSN, Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos etc.all these sites are submitting your website with all these popular sites free to get list on search engine sites.
Directory Submission:
Submitting your web site to directory sites is a way to get backlinks for your site.There are large number of human edited directories to submitand also there are some general directories, such as DMOZ, the Yahoo Directory.these direcory sites are very popular to worth your site.Be sure to submit your site to the most relevant categories, High quality or high PR directory site,niche directories can be worth considering as well.Don’t forget to submit your website to high quality, regional directories. basically worthwhile for websites that target to local markets.

By and large, web directories are the
telephone pages of the Internet. No relevance, no ranking, and no human input.

Cost/Benefit: With the exception of Yahoo and DMOZ, directories are an enormous waste of time and resources. They're essentially a
paid link that passes rank. I've done SEO directory tests on several domains and the results were a bit startling. Of the three sites tested, none improved rankings and two dropped to the third page for top rankings.

Internal Links:
Internal links occur within the site itself and offer webmasters two major advantages:
  • ability to help search engine spiders find new content.
  • ability to pass PageRank and develop silos of authority within the hierarchy of a website.
Cost/Benefit: Internal links are the low hanging fruit of link building and this tactic is frequently overlooked by webmasters. The most effective internal links are blended seamlessly within article, are not navigational, and are not clustered at the end of the content.

Paid Links/Sponsored posts:
Paid links are
the most common form of traditional link building. This is the process of finding potential link partners and offering them cash in exchange for a dofollow link with the anchor text of the webmaster's choices.
Cost/Benefit: I'm not endorsing paid links, which are against Google's Webmaster Guidelines, but they can be one of the most effective methods of building links.

.Gov/.Edu Extensions:

Quite simply, these are the holy grail of links and have a massive impact i
n helping a page or website rank for targeted keywords.

Cost/Benefit: I wouldn't recommend a concerted effort in achieving these links
olitical connections can go a long w
ay, but a campaign dedicated to obtaining these links isn't the best use of time and resources.

Link Baiting:

The process of generating incoming links through the creation of engaging content and tools.

Cost/Benefit: Link baiting is th
e most reliable long-term strategy for developing a high performance domain in search engines. Famous examples of link baiting include the subservient chicken, Radiohead remixes, and Office Max's "Elf Yourself." When creating link bait, follow one simple rule: make your content something an audience will want to share with others.

Social Bookmarking:

doing Social Bookmarking submittion to build a link for your site also an another Process of promoting a website,Do some social bookmarking in popular bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, faves,technorati etc. and also should be very careful that you must properly handle the tags which are very essential to broadcast your news on a wide area network.

Social Media Optimization:
These links are fairly easy to disseminate through channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube; however, these links are all nofollowed.

Social Media Optimizatio
n is a inevitable part of our online campaing. Creating professionally designed profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, My Space and joining micro blogging sites like Twitter, Friendster etc would result a huge number of visitor traffic for our website. and Most social media websites are only useful for promoting good content (which will get you links in return), but sites like LinkedIn still provide Do Follow links with an anchor text of your choice. It will be better if we will go for Do Follow Link.

Cost/Benefit: While these links might not pass PageRank,
the ancillary benefits can be tremendous. One powerful tweet can generate dozens of high-quality backlinks across the blogosphere, which will pass PageRank. In all likelihood, Google will become more active in monitoring and using these social signals as supporting evidence for sites that have suddenly increased their link portfolios.

Article Marketing:

Writing an article about a relevant topic, that contains one or more links
to our website, and submitting it to article directories such as eZineArticles, Article City, and Go Articles etc. is a great way to get links back to your website. This will help us to attain some deep links for our website.

Press Release Promotion:
If we are a business/service provider then we can go for PR submission in popular PR websites like 1888pressrelease,Open PR, PR Leap, etc. This will help us to publish our website in Google News. Make sure that our press release contains one or more (clickable) links to our website.

Using a press release firm
such as PR Web or PR Newswire in the hopes of generating incoming links.

Cost/Benefit: This strategy is fine, so long as the press release is useful. When done well, releases can drive quality backlinks from reputable news sources. Tip: be sure to link deep within the site when relevant.

Group Answers:

Participate in Group Answers by asking and answering relevant questions and plac
ing a link to our website in the source section if necessary.If we don't spam, this is another great way to increase your link popularity (Yahoo Answers, Cha-Cha, Answer Bag, etc.).


This is one of the most powerful ways to promote our website online by writing a blog (, etc) of our own for our website and include lots of unique cont
ent with our site link and promote our blog in blog directories and blog search engines. Blog directories may be willing to link to your blog. Submit your blog to the high quality ones.

Do Follow Blog Commenting:
We can also promote our blo
g/website by posting comments in theme-related do follow blogs which allow links in the comments section that are crawlable by the search engines.
Comment Links:

The concept is simple, right? Find a bunch of article/blog posts that are the matica
lly relevant and start posting links with your keywords in the anchor text.
Cost/Benefit: In terms of increasing rankings, this no longer works. The vast
majority of blogs are some variation of Wordpress or Blogspot, which set comment links by default to "nofollow," meaning your website won't receive the link juice. Simply put, it's not worth the time.

Forum Posting:
Creat account some of good forum/online discussion board ( digitalpoint,sitepoint etc) of our own and start a discussion or share topics with friends. And post/reply to a thread in pre-existing forums that allow links in your signature which can be crawled by the search engine.

Photo Sharing:

Publish/share our website product pictures that
contains a link to your website.Let our friends see them and comment on them too,which will help drive traffic towards our website. Do this in major photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Picli, etc.

Video Promotions:
Publish/Share our product videos and reviews of our product and make them public in YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc.

Rss Feed:
Create and Submit Our website's RSS feed to important RSS directories.
Document Sharing:
Share our website documents like business documents, information brochures, and slides in Google Docs, Slide Share, etc. This will help us to brand our website.

Local Listing and Yellow Pages:
Make your website local so that search engines can easily view your website and fetch the content. Submit your website to Google Local, Maps, Yahoo Local, Superpages, Yellow Pages, Hotfrog, etc.

Reciprocal Links

My inbox is constantly flooded with endless requests from webmasters requesting link exchange. To be clear: building an pages will do nothing for your rankings. Google discounts these outbound links and seriously de-weights
incoming links.

Cost/Benefit: Don't engage in this strategy and don't play the fool's game of quickly unlinking to make them appear as one-way
seo sem services India

To get top rank on the major and very popular search
engines can not be gained easily as there are millions number of websites.SEO that takes mean Search Engine Optimization is one of the major factors what would inculde an attribute to a website on the basis of ranking in the search engines and increasing the traffic to your web site.this is common factor as all the visiter to web generally look for any information of a product taking help of search engine or any local search web search engine aids the online visiter to reach the sites which they are seeking for.

As we know seo is an total ongoing process to a make a search engine of the most role is google indexing the meta keyword.keyword roles a vital role in positioning your website high in the a website always needs to hold the proper keyword which would give a website a unique position so thst your web site can be highly ranked on the search engine result page(SERP).

The search engine optimization
will need to be done so that a web site will get more traffic on the site and rank high in the search engines.normally a online visiter prefers search result on the first searched result page.when you get your site optimized by any professional search engine optimizer or SEO experts you must be rest assured that your site would be making some business in the online world as more visiter can be surfing your site.

from SEO point of view when a site is ready to be optimized, the first step of optimizing process is that a site will need to be neatly reviewed by an professional SEO Expert and then he or she will pint out the areas which need to be optimized so that they can bring the site search engine friendly.when a site goes in review neatly on the first process of optimizing, the review wi
ll include the collection of number of seo factors such as contents, dynamic contents and some other issues related to search engine rules and regulations which might bring the site poor result on search engine result page.on the same time a review on keywords also need to be done as keywords are main part of a site.

once the first steps are finished, the seo expert will need to handle all the technical part of the website to optimize to make the site search engine friendly which includes such as creating meta keywords, meta descriptions, robots text, xml site map, html/css error, page size and load time, internal link structures, h1 tag, copid content, flash content, dynamic content, 404page, broken links and many more.

a website which contains some incoming links from high page rank site would provide a advantage to reaching on a top position in search engine.once the internal link or external link building is done in a site , the owner of the site will get a boosted success over naturally link building is very essential for a website because it pays more meaningfull role in web site optimization services.

search engine optimization or internet marketing company will help to increase your website ranking and also help to increase more traffic on major search engines such as ,,,, like many populars.

The search engine optimization service offered by the Indian company is best than other countries around the world.To make a site search engine friendly Idian companies are providing marketing & advertising strategy in a industrius way which will maximize the business opportunities.They usually review and promoting the site in directory sites, blogs, press release, article sites , social book marking sites so thst site will get more visiters.Seo link campaign process is served by search engine optimization services companies in India by which the concerned site gets on the top ranking position in all major search engine sites results pages
(SERP)like Yahoo Google Bing Alexa.

JI SEO Web Promotions is a professional freelance seo and internet marketing service provider which based in Bhubaneswar, India.
JI SEO Web Promotions offers a wide range of dedicated and affordable seo and internet marketing services to all it's clients which let them in saving the cost in promoting their product and services of a site locally or internationally.

There are number of serach engine companies in India offers services on search engine optimization and internet marketing, but one of the major reasons
JI SEO Web Promotions stand with for it's quality and affordable seo process for search engine optimization service could bring more number of visiters to my client's website on major and very popular search engine site like Google Yahoo and Bing which could enhance the increase in seo plans are cost effective and when i optimize a website i follow the tricks and technique to make the site unique online presence as well as search engine friendly.the website home page url or targeted url page are being posted in various online promoted site which can boost your site more popular.

SEO Tricks and Techniques

SEO Tips and Tricks for Powerful Search Engine Optimization

SEO tips and tricks you should and should not be doing on your Web pages to make them rank higher in search engines. This list looks at more than just meta tags and the basics of SEO, so even if you've got some of the factors, you may not have everything. Scroll to the end of the list to look at the things you should never be doing, as well as the things you should always do at the beginning.

1.Write great content (HIGH PRIORITY)

Great content is where it all starts. You can have all the keywords in the world, but if your content is no good, people won't stick around on your site and search engines won't find your site valuable.

2.Write unique content (HIGH PRIORITY)

Unique content is important too. You need to provide content that has different information than what is on other sites and other Web pages.

3.Add new content all the time (HIGH PRIORITY)

Sites that have new content added on a regular basis are seen as more reliable than sites that rarely do. This also helps you to increase the amount of relevant content on your site, which also improves your rankings.

4.Create a great keyword phrase (HIGH PRIORITY)

The first thing you should do when working on search engine optimization is find a great keyword phrase for that page. You shouldn't try to optimize your entire site to one keyword phrase - instead focus on writing pages for specific keywords and phrases.

5.Choose a phrase that is popular, but not too popular (HIGH PRIORITY)

When trying to decide on a keyword phrase, you want to find one that is popular but not extremely popular. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the reality is that extremely popular keywords are very desirable and so very competitive. It's better to try to optimize for keywords that you can rank higher. You'll get more pageviews from a less popular keyword when you're on the first or second page of the search engines, than from a super popular keyword that you only make it to page 50 of search engines.

6.Write an accessible site (HIGH PRIORITY)

Accessible HTML is accessible to both search engine spiders and screen readers. The more accessible you make your pages, the easier it will be for search engines
to read and rank your pages.

7.Use the keyword phrase in your title tag (HIGH PRIORITY)

The title tag is one of the most important tags on your Web page. And placing your keyword phrase in the title tag, preferably at the beginning, is very important to get that phrase into the search engines. Plus, that puts your keyword phrase as the link in the search engine index.

8.Get a domain with your keyword phrase (HIGH PRIORITY)

Putting your keyword phrase in your domain name is a great way to optimize for that phrase.

9.Use the keyword phrase in your URL (HIGH PRIORITY)

Even if you can't get your keywords into your domain name, you can put them into your URLs. Search engines read the URLs and assign value to the text they find there.

10.Use your keyword phrase a lot, but not too much (HIGH PRIORITY)

The ratio of your keywords to the rest of the text on your page is called the keyword density. It's important to repeat your keywords in your document, but not too much. Keyword density should be between 3 and 7% for your primary keyword phrase and 1-2% for any secondary keywords or keyword phrases.

11.Use your keyword phrase in headlines (HIGH PRIORITY)

Headline tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) are a great place to use your keyword phrase and secondary keywords. Search engines recognize that headlines are more important than the surrounding text, and so assign greater value to keywords found there.

12.Use your keyword phrase in anchor text of links (HIGH PRIORITY)

Link text is another great place to put your keyword phrase. Links stand out on most Web pages, and so are given higher priority than surrounding text.

13.Ask other people for links to your page (HIGH PRIORITY)

A great way to get inbound links is to simply ask for them. But remember that excessive cross-linking can be viewed as spammy, so be careful about trading links or otherwise buying links on external sites.

14.Try to get your keyword phrase inside incoming links (HIGH PRIORITY)

Inbound links are a great way to improve your page rank. But you can't really control how people link to your pages. Chances are they won't use a phrase that has anything even remotely close to your keyword phrase. Remember that they are doing you a favor by linking to you. If it makes sense, you can ask them to change the text of the link, but be careful, as people can be very touchy, and you might just get your link removed.

Another way to get your keyword phrase in inbound links is to provide your customers with the link text ready-made. For example:

Please link to this page: SEO Tricks and Techniques

15.Try to get links from reputable sites (HIGH PRIORITY)

Reputable sites that link to you will increase your reputation. After all, if a reputable site feels that your site is valuable enough to link to, that means that your page has more value. You can tell if a site is considered reputable both by how high it appears in search engines and it's Google PageRank. Also, .edu sites have a higher reputation because they represent schools and universities.

16.Try to get links from similar sites (HIGH PRIORITY)

Inbound links from sites similar to your own are important as well. This indicates that your site does have content related to that topic. Plus, it indicates that your competition finds your site valuable, and that gives your site more credibility.

17.Try to get links from .edu, and .gov sites (HIGH PRIORITY)

Sites that are on .edu and .gov top-level domains have a large amount of credibility because they are very difficult to get. So if you can get the designers of those sites to link to you, that gives your site more credibility as well.

18.Create as much content as you can (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Content is king. The more content you have on your site, the more there is to be
indexed and appear in search engines.

19.Keep your site content inside one theme (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

The theme or topic of your entire site is important as well. If you have a lot of
pages all around one basic theme, that will lend more credibility to each page that follows that same theme.

20.Keep your site live as long as possible (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Older pages (at the same domain) will rank higher than newer ones.

21.Create a sitemap (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Search engines love sitemaps - not necessarily for ranking, but for finding links on your site.It's not critical that you create an XML sitemap or Google sitemap, plain HTML sitemaps work just as well.

22.Create an XML sitemap or Google sitemap (MEDIUM PRIORITY)
Search engines love sitemaps - not necessarily for ranking, but for finding links on your site. It's not critical that you create an XML sitemap or Google sitemap, plain HTML sitemaps work just as well.Use 301 redirects for permanent redirects (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

When you redirect your pages, you should always use a 301 http server redirect. This tells the search engines that the redirect is permanent and that they should change their index to use the new URL. Spammers use other types of redirects (HTTP 302 redirects and meta refresh), so they are not a good idea to use.

23.Use 302 redirects only for long or ugly URLs (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

HTTP 302 redirects are for temporary redirects. The only time you should use them is for redirecting ugly URLs to more user-friendly ones. This tells the search engine that the ugly URL should not be removed from the index, because the user-friendly URL is just to make the URL palatable.Keep in mind that many spammers use 302 redirects to fool search engines. So be judicious in your use of them.

24.Get as many inbound links as you can (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Links are important, especially from sites other than your own. These are called inbound links. And if you get a lot of inbound links, that will help your page ranking. Remember that 1-2 links fromhigh-reputation sites are better than 10 links from link farms.

25.Put your keyword phrase in the first paragraph (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Repetition of your keyword phrase is important in your content. But it's especially important in the first one or two paragraphs of text. And if you can repeat it once in the first paragraph that will help up it's priority.

26.Put your keyword phrase at the top of the HTML (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

More than just the first paragraph, you should try to move your content towards the top of the HTML document. And that includes your keyword phrase.

27.Put your keyword phrase in alternative text (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Images are a great place to put your keyword phrase - in the alternate text.This is a way to add your keyword phrase into your document without being repetitive to your readers. But be careful not to overdo it - as you don't want to appear to be keyword stuffing. That could get your site banned.

28.Increase the font size of your keyword phrase (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Search engines understand that fonts that are larger than the standard font size on the page indicate text that is more important. Use CSS or the font tag. Apply font size changes to headline tags as well.

29.Format your keyword phrases to stand out (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Use and where appropriate to make your keyword phrases stand out. Search engines can read those tags, and will recognize that text that is emphasized is often more important than the surrounding text.

30.Write a descriptive meta description (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Search engines use the description meta tag as the description in their index. So it's important to describe your pages accurately. This helps customers find your pages, and search engines to index them.

31.Link to your page from within your site (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Links are important, and linking from one page to another on your own site is a very easy way to get links.They aren't as important in search engine ranking as links from external sites, but they do help.If nothing else, they help the search engine spider find all the pages on your site.

32.Put up links that flow within the text (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Links that make sense within the context of the document (whether from external or your own site) will rank higher than lists of links or other forms of artificial links. This is because search engines value content and links that make sense within the context of the content are more definitely related to that content than links that are inside lists.

33.Keep asking for inbound links (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

The older the links are the better. If you get 100 links added all at once, it appears to the search engines that you are buying link placement, and that can be construed as spamming.

34.Get linked in DMOZ and Yahoo! (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

DMOZ and Yahoo! and other directories show that your page is related to the contentin that section of the directory.

35.Periodically check your outbound links for pagerank (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Whenever you add an external link on your site, you run the risk that it changes from the site you linked to into a link farm or "bad neighborhood". By periodically checking the PageRank of the external sites you link to, you can remove links that have gotten bad.This will help you make sure that your page's credibility is not reduced by who you are linking to.

36.Link all major images (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

It's important to always link images because people click on images. And search engines value content that has been linked. The key is to always include alternative text, so that the search engine has text to rank. Any image that your customer can see on the page should be linked.

37.Keep your pages up-to-date (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Pages that are regularly updated are given priority over pages that are older and ignored. But you should do more than simply fix typos or make small changes, regular, extensive updates are more effective than minor updates.

38.If you must use frames, always use the noframes tag (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Frames and search engines don't mix well. But if you must use frames, then you should always include an extensive noframes version of your site. And by extensive, the best way to get your site indexed in search engines is to completely rewrite it in your noframes version.

39.If you must use Flash, always include alternative text (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

Flash and search engines don't mix well, but if you must use flash you should include alternate text that describes exactly what the Flash element includes. And if you use Flash for your entire site, you should always do an alternate version of the complete site in HTML so that search engines and non-Flash browsers can view it as well.

40.Use Flash for non-critical pieces of a page (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

The best use of Flash on websites is as small portions of the site, preferably non-critical portions.Search engines can't view Flash, they see them as images. According to Google Webmaster Central, sites that effectively use Flash "use Flash for rich media but rely on HTML for content and navigation."

41.Keep your pages close to the root directory (LOW PRIORITY)

The higher your pages are in your sub-directories, the better they will rank in search engines.This is because pages that are listed right off the root directory are typically more important than pages that are found four or five levels deep in the site.

42.Use the meta keywords tag and include your keyword phrase (LOW PRIORITY)

Meta tags are a very popular way to improve search engine results, but the fact of the matter is that some major search engines don't use them at all, and others only use them a little.It won't hurt to include your keyword phrase and any secondary keywords in the meta keywords tag, but don't expect it to work wonders.

44.Keep your kewords together (LOW PRIORITY)

Search engines rank keywords in pages regardless of where they are found. But if you're trying to rank well for a specific keyword phrase, keeping the keywords together will insure that the search engines recognize that they are related.

45.Use your keyword phrase in your meta description (LOW PRIORITY)

Most search engines use the meta description field as the description in their search results.So it's important to have a good description. Including your keyword phrase in the meta description tagis one more place that the search engines can see your keywords. This isn't a magic bullet, but it is a good idea.

46.Set your language meta keyword (LOW PRIORITY)

If your page is in a language other than English, you should set the language meta tag so that search engines (and other user agents) know what language it's in. Most search engines have other ways of telling what language the page is written in, but they do use that tag, and it could help you rank higher in searches in that language.

47.Optimize for a few secondary keywords (LOW PRIORITY)

Once you have a keyword phrase, you can choose one or two other keywords to optimize for as well. But be careful with these - make sure that the density of your secondary keywords is no more than 1-2%. Any higher and you risk confusing the search engine and diluting the power of your primary keyword phrase.

48.Use your keyword phrase in named anchors (LOW PRIORITY)

A named anchor (also called a bookmark) is a useful tool for creating navigation within a Web page. But for search engines, it also indicates that the text defined by and following the anchor has more significance. If you use your keyword phrase in some of your named anchors, that will give that text more prominence.

49.Use different forms of words for your keyword phrase (LOW PRIORITY)

This is also called stemming. Most search engines recognize that one word stemmed from
another is really the same word. For example, plural versions of nouns (dog and dogs),
gerunds and active verbs (dig and digging), and so on. By using different forms of your
keywords, you can make your page more interesting for your readers, while still optimizing
for search engines.

50.Use synonyms for your keywords (LOW PRIORITY)

Synonyms, like keyword stemming is another way to mix up your text for your readers while still optimizing for search. Most modern search engines have a powerful synonym library and so recognize that words like "dog" and "canine" mean the same thing. Be careful using this technique on non-English pages, however. Most search engines were developed in English-speaking countries, and have more extensive English vocabularies than other languages.Also, you should remember that tools like keyword density readers often don't recognize synonyms,so your page may be denser in keywords than they report if you use a lot of synonyms.

51.Don't link a lot to external sites (LOW PRIORITY)

Linking to sites not on your site is a good idea, but don't fill up your pages with them.At best, you will dilute the effectiveness of your page in the search engines, and at worst your page will look like a list of links and get slightly penalized by search engines. Also,when you have lots of external links, you have more to check on a regular basis, to make sure that those pages don't go bad or turn into "bad neighborhoods".

52.Register a separate domain instead of a sub-domain (LOW PRIORITY)

Subdomains are a nice way to create new websites without needing to register a new domain.
This site is a subdomain of - But subdomains are not as recognized by search engines (or customers for that matter) as separate sites. For example, most people who link to my site link to it with a title of "" But if you were to go to, you'd get a very different impression of my site than the true URL of The other problem with subdomains is that most people think that URLs should start with "www".Sometimes will work, but sometimes it won't.

If you can, you should move all sites that are on a subdomain onto a real domain name of their own.

53.Register a .com domain over a .biz or .us domain (LOW PRIORITY)

Trying to find a good domain name can be challenging, especially on the .com top-level domain (TLD). But finding a good .com domain will rank higher than a similar domain on the .biz or .us TLDs.And if you can get a .edu domain (because you're a school or university) your site will have more credibility instantly. Some SEO services feel that a .org TLD is better than a .com, but they aren't any more difficult (in general) to get than a .com domain, and while search engines might give them some priority now, they will probably lessen that as .org domains become more common.

54.Use hyphens to separate words in domains (LOW PRIORITY)

When you're putting keywords in your domain and URLs, you should consider separating them with hyphens (-) rather than mashing them all together or using underscores (_). Search engine spiders can't tell where a word ends and begins without cues like hyphens, and most computers recognize hyphens as the end of a word, but see underscores as part of the word.

55.Use hyphens or underscores to separate words in URLs (LOW PRIORITY)

Just like your domains, you should separate words in your URLs with hyphens (-) or underscores (_). Hyphens are better, but outside of the domain, underscores can work. Hyphens work better because many search engine spiders recognize hyphens as the end of a word, but see underscores as part of the word. Also, underscores can be seen as a space by your customers (because the underline of the link and the underscore merge together), and they will then get frustrated if they try to type the URL with a space and can't get to the page.

56.Write short pages (LOW PRIORITY)

The shorter your page is, the fewer times you need to repeat your keyword phrase and keep the density just right. Plus, short pages load more quickly, and so your readers will appreciate it.Keep pages under 30KB in size. Split long pages into multiple pages and optimize each page.

57.Use JavaScript with care (LOW PRIORITY)

As long as your scripts are valid and don't break your HTML, most search engines will ignore them.But don't rely on JavaScript to improve your rankings - most search engines ignore content inside JavaScript.

58.Include text transcripts of podcasts and sound files (LOW PRIORITY)

Like images and Flash, search engines can't index the content of sound files including podcasts.
By including a transcript of your sound files and podcasts, you give search engines more text to index.

59.Don't host your site with a host that allows spammers (AVOID)

This means any type of spammers, but especially search engine spammers. If you don't know what your host's policy is towards spammers, find out. There should be something in their terms and conditions about malicious activity. If your IP is blacklisted, you'll be blacklisted right along with it, even if your site is completely innocent.

60.Don't host your site with a host that is down a lot (AVOID)

While search engines won't deliberately discriminate against a site that is down, if they can't get to your URL because it's down, they can't index it. And if your site is down several times when the spider tries to access it, it could be flagged as gone, and then the spider won't come at all. Find out from your hosting provider what their uptime rates are and what they guarantee. Less than 97-98% uptime is bad.

61.Don't write your content with JavaScript (AVOID)

While search engines won't penalize a site for using JavaScript, they don't typically index the contents of the scripts. So if your pages use JavaScript to display the contents,it will be harder to get high ranks for those pages. This includes pages that use scripts to show and hide text and pages that use Ajax for the content.