Saturday, 7 May 2011

Linked In Marketing

Linked In provides highly professional ways to create & build business relationships with industry specific members & potential customers, & i help you leverage its potential optimally. Swagmit LinkedIn Marketing services are devised for business to promote your popularity and build a strong reputation. By offering a customized LinkedIn marketing strategy, i bring my clients with improvement in their online visibility, sales leads and web traffic from all way.

Core LinkedIn Marketing services Include

  • Using LinkedIn application to connect with your third party content sources such as slideShare, WordPress, Twitter, etc.
  • Create, run and regularly update one or multiple profiles with proper images, content, and keyword rich hyperlink and descriptions
  • Creating competent LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
  • Creating attractive LinkedIn Product page
  • Handling posts and discussions on regular basis
  • Send messages to your connections regarding events, conferences, seminar, and job openings.
  • Connect with relevant groups to form new connections
  • Create an interesting event related to your business or industry specific
  • Utilizing LinkedIn Answers section to set up a Search and Answer Questions
  • Connecting with clients, prospects and related companies

LinkedIn Marketing services carried out daily

  • At least one post on each profile
  • Not less than 10 update replies
  • Monitor your business related group discussions and post comments
  • Notification of relevant discussion related to your business
  • Search and join relevant groups
  • Accept and search apposite networking requests

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