Saturday, 7 May 2011

MySpace Marketing

Enormously growing popularity of MySpace has instigated advertisers and marketers to leverage the benefits of this highly interactive, engaging social media platform. Swagmit Seoweb helps business market & promote their brand or product on the colossal platform of Myspace, quite effortlessly. I have tremendous experience in delivering result-oriented MySpace marketing services to business of various business kinds and sizes.

MySpace marketing Services Include

  • Conceptualizing, designing and creating a visually striking profile by adding elements of videos and flash.
  • Creating and managing one or multiple accounts.
  • Reaching over 150 million people by creating and managing MyAds
  • Attracting more and more friends by through graphical content presentation in banners, animated GIFs, profile skins, slideshows.
  • Reaching highly targeted audience and communities to spot potential customers
  • Responding to friend request, comments, messages and deleting spam
  • Thorough profile upgrading and maintenance
  • Regular postings of viral videos, page layouts, fresh graphics, and relevant content to the communities.
  • Keeping you safe from going on SPAM Rampage

Why come to JI SEO Web Promotions

  • I create & follow a holistic approach for MySpace marketing. Every step is planned to render positive outcome for your business popularity.
  • Experience of managing Myspace marketing campaigns for various kinds of business
  • Regularly uploading relevant content in form of text, video, images etc for promotion & re-distribution
  • Measure & assess MySpace marketing campaign’s results through regular reporting and monitoring

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